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 The STAR Banquet will be held on Saturday May 12th, 2018.


Goals of The STAR Program
1) To establish safe work practices within our industries.
2) Reduce the amount of work place accidents and injuries.
3) Reduce employer workers compensation claims.
4) Establish a common bond of cooperation between the employer and the union.
5) Maintain and improve the skill level of all participants.


STAR Rules 2018

1) Work at least 800 safe work hours (no recorded job site accidents) between January 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017.

2) Complete at least two (2) health and safety classes, or one health & safety class and 1 up-grade class.

3) Be a member in good standing with your Local Union (not be suspended).

4) Be in attendance at the awards ceremony- the only exception to this rule will be if you have to work, (with a Union Contractor), but you will have to have a letter from the Contractor stating that you will be working. This letter has to be faxed into our office by noon, 2 days before the event.

5) Only classes taken through DC 77 will qualify you for the STAR program.

6) For every additional 2 classes you will receive 1 additional ticket for your Local Union Drawing.

7) Any class that requires 16 hours or more to complete will count as 2 classes.

8) Part time Instructors who teach more than 4 classes will be eligible for STAR.

9) Members can only be eligible for 1 ticket for the Grand Prize; any member who wins the Grand Prize will not be eligible for future Grand Prize Drawings, but they will be eligible for Local & Location drawings.

10) Members can win only 1 Local drawing (no matter how many tickets they have, the more tickets increase your chance of winning a prize) they can also win 1 Location prize, and the Grand Prize (as long as they have not won the Grand Prize in the past).

11) The Grand Prize Ceremony will be hosted by the Local with the highest number of members eligible.

12) Full time employees of DC 77 or the FTI of DC 77 are not eligible for the STAR Program.